Welcome to Vetforcall.

VetForCall is a B2B SaaS platform that helps veterinarian clinics to digitalize their consultations, improve their patient care and offer remote monitoring to their patients. In the digitalized world of telemedicine, elimination of transport time and cost is absolutely essential to enhance the quality of therapy.

Long distances to cover, caging the pets and long queues at Vet clinics not only wastes time of the patient, but could also lead to difficulty in time management and no shows at clinics which result in monetary losses to clinics.

We are very proud to be able to provide all the necessary health care to all veterinarian healthcare professionals in order to make their remote consultation experience smooth, easy and compelling to use.

We appreciate and strive for your support! Thank you for being with us, and for helping us to make our dream of improving health care consultations.

Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare by supplying veterinarians and vet clinics the necessary tools to execute remote consultations in a smooth and timely manner. In order to help veterinary clinics offer remote consultations and appointment booking services to their clients, in order to reduce the cost of transportation, reduce pets’ stress and enhance client satisfaction and healthcare access.

Our vision

Our objective is to enhance and expand our services in the future, in order to transform and digitalize healthcare by providing wearable, introducing IoT and remote monitoring systems in order to maximize treatment goals and ensuring healthcare quality at a world class level, available at the fingertips of our beloved healthcare professionals, who, like us, strive and live for animal welfare.

Join us today and let’s make healthcare accessible to all.